Ryan Kendall - Go Figure

from by Hilltop Sunset

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This song truly is the story of my life.


When I look into your eyes
my stomach fills with fireflies
Who flutter 'round and light up my soul.
And whenever you talk I see
your voice start surrounding me
In beautiful I never thought I'd know.
But every time I wake up from this dream
I see there's no room for me,
'Cause it's not hard to see
There's someone else in your eyes.

Sometimes I'm a-wonderin'
What you are a-ponderin'
About me if you do it at all.
Do you like my poetry?
Good looks or personality?
Mellifluous voice, musical?
Or am I just another friend
Who could never be more than a bro?
It's not too hard to know
There's someone else in your eyes.

I guess it's no surprise
There's someone else in your eyes.

I didn't wanna tell you 'cause
I didn't want you to become
A little more standoffish you see.
Thinkin' I'm a creepy guy
'Cause I like being by your side
But that's not the case, you can trust me
I just enjoy the time we've had
All the joy and the laughter we've shared
I just can't compare
There's someone else in your eyes.

I guess it's no surprise
There's someone else in your eyes.

I didn't want to tell you
That you are more beautiful to me
Than a golden autumn breeze at sunset
Whisking the rainbow leaves
and making them sparkle and dance in the sky
Up with the silver lining clouds
That are reflected in your eyes.
But I guess I just did.


I really love your honesty
Appreciate you're open with me
You really are a great friend.
But I don't want to jeopardize
The trust you have with surprise
I don't want our friendship to end.
I just can't hold it anymore
I've got to let you know how I feel inside.
'Cause I'm the kind of guy who feels
That if I've held something from you then I've lied.
I don't expect reciprocation
I just wanted to remove this disguise.
Even though it's true.
There's nothing I can do.
'Cause I know that you
have someone else in your eyes.

Should come as no surprise,
Wish it was me in those eyes.
There's someone else in your eyes


from Original Demos, released June 23, 2012




Hilltop Sunset Massachusetts

Hilltop Sunset combines the universal language of music with the comprehensive knowledge of words to evoke a unique form of understanding and empathy. Personal stories of love, pain, politics, and self-improvement permeate his songs, which range from high-energy and emotional to slow and thoughtful. ... more

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