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League of Legends Parody of Tom Petty's Free Falling. Enjoy!


She’s a good girl, loves getting last hits.
Holds her lane well, buys wards too.
Calls M.I.A.s right when they happen
Zones their carry so he can’t get through.

As our jungler comes out a bush,
Shot her arrow right into his face.
He was hopeless, so top lane went to help him,
Didn’t realize my creep score’s insane.

‘Cause I’m free, free farmin’!
Yeah I’m free, free farmin’!

It was useless; we got their mid tower,
Now she’s bottom, wrecking them too.
They need more help, leave me by myself
There is only one thing to do,

Yeah I’m free, free farmin’!
Yeah I’m free, free farmin’!

Wanna buy stuff with all of this money,
Want a banshee’s, maybe more health,
Gonna free farm until someone stops me,
It’s a good thing that no one’s got stealth.

‘Cause I’m free, free farmin’!
Yeah I’m free, free farmin’!


from League of Legends Parodies, released February 12, 2013
Riot Games, Tom Petty




Hilltop Sunset Massachusetts

Hilltop Sunset combines the universal language of music with the comprehensive knowledge of words to evoke a unique form of understanding and empathy. Personal stories of love, pain, politics, and self-improvement permeate his songs, which range from high-energy and emotional to slow and thoughtful. ... more

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